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composite parts expertsComposite Creations is currently located in a light industrial complex on SW High Desert Drive near the Prineville airport. Prineville is located about 18 miles from Redmond and 28 miles from Bend. It has enjoyed access to the skilled composite labor and expertise of the general area with rents that are lower. The area is on the major north south electric power transmission lines connecting the hydroelectric facilities of the Northwest with the California market so electric power rates are very competitive. In recent years major server farms for Facebook and Apple have moved into Prineville so industrial rents have moved up, but are still at acceptable levels.

Composite Creations will move into a custom built facility by the fourth quarter of 2013 at a new site near Prineville. While we expect the rent to be about the same, a custom built facility allows us to store molds away from the production rooms where precise temperature and humidity control are required. We expect this will significantly lower our utility bills and provide for greater production efficiency. We will sign a long term lease and we expect to be able to stabilize at a large portion of our costs. In addition there is room at the new site to expand and to build a custom facility for a customer.

Ellsion-Mahon Aircraft, Inc. of Renton, Washington has selected Composite Creations, Inc. to develop, market and produce kit planes for the Gweduck 6 place twin engine amphibian flying boat. EM Aircraft has developed this very worthy successor to the flying boat tradition developed by the Grumman with the Goose, Widgeon and larger models. This remarkable aircraft was developed by Ben Ellison, his brother Marty and Ross Mahon over an approximately 20 year period. They built a prototype and flight testing of the prototype is substantially complete. The first Gweduck kit is in production and kits are available for sale. You can learn more about this remarkable aircraft and the kits at the following link.




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